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Cold Fusion


These pages show work done  in 1989,  shortly after Pons & Fleischmann's famous announcement at the University of Utah.

Mar. 23 1989 press release:    "Two scientists have successfully created a sustained nuclear fusion reaction at room temperature in a chemistry laboratory at the University of Utah. The breakthrough means the world may someday rely on fusion for a clean virtually inexhaustible source of energy."
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cold-fusion2.jpg (16381 bytes) In the 2009 study, Mosier-Boss and colleagues inserted an electrode composed of nickel or gold wire into a solution of palladium chloride mixed with deuterium or "heavy water"...


"The work went nowhere, but the hope remains."  ~ Science News:

Pons & Fleischmannn's seminal Papers --

3-27-1990  PART 1

3-27-1990  PART 2

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2009: Cold fusion rebirth?  Navy Chemist May Have Rediscovered Cold Fusion
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Timeline of cold fusion

LENR Research

T. E. Bearden-Science?

A palladium electrode is  surrounded by a platinum wire cage.  Electrolysis current is provided by two Heathkit power supplies.

The deuterium oxide is recycled by means of  electrical sparks which were produced every few seconds to burn the deuterium to convert it back into water -- deuterium dioxide.  (Thus these sparks regenerated Deuterium to D2O so as not to waste the expensive deuterium.  The voltage for the ignition spark was about 20kv.)

The palladium electrode shows deformation due to deuterium uptake into the palladium lattice.

Careful calorimetric measurements (thermometer not pictured) showed that no excess energy was produced.

On the morning of 5-13-1989 this apparatus exploded in my kitchen.  Electric sparks, which I used to reclaim the D2 by burning it, caused a large built-up volume of deuterium in the apparatus to ignite. This explosion was not because of any fusion reaction.

I know the date when this happened because I wrote it next to the thermometer fluid's stain on the ceiling. (The thermometer's stain as since evaporated -- disappeared, but I wrote the date on the ceiling where the thermometer broke.)

Video:  soon

Nuclear Transmutation:
The Reality of Cold Fusion

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* 1926 - Friedrich Paneth and Kurt Peters report the transformation of hydrogen into helium (Über die Verwandlung von Wasserstoff in Helium) within palladium (later retracted).

* 1927 - J. Tandberg said that he had fused hydrogen into helium in an electrolytic cell with palladium electrodes.

Source: physorg.com

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