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The Heavenly Father
He lives on a far away planet in a galaxy far, far away, with his son, Jesus~Jehovah, his angels, his wives (whose names are secret, even to Mormons, and with a person named Holy Ghost. Trinities in Mormonism are pretty much the same as in Christianity, but the wives of The Heavenly Father (aka. Jehovah, Jesus, Yahweh, et al.) are ignored. In fact, Mormons are asked not to even speak of them, much in the manner that Jews were not to utter the name Jehovah, but that’s another story. (The same goes for Gonhorra, The Heavenly Mother.)

The Heavenly Father and Jesus are built pretty much like you and me, flesh and bones, except that The Heavenly Father has no blood. His metabolic system is completely different, as it would have to be, without the blood which brings air and removes waste from the cells. Instead, Mormons accept that powder is the fluid that is pumped through The Heavenly Father's heart, lungs and veins .

Jehovah~Jesus, is genetically different. He inherited his dominant genes for liquid blood (and lymphocytes) from the Holy Virgin. In fact, it is through this realization, that the Austrian Monk, Gregor Mendel, in 1842, first discovered the principles of genetics. Later he verified that the same principle also holds for peas and other things made by DNA.

Jesus (Jehovah) as we all know, has blood and bile, as was evidenced from his wounds on the cross. Not much is known about Mrs. The Heavenly Father, Jesus mother, the Virgin Mary, or her ‘sisters’, the other wives of Jesus~Jehovah. Not much is known of Jesus’ siblings. Presumably he had some, because The Heavenly Father, like all good Mormons have lots of children. In heaven Mormons will also have lots of wives, too. This is what Mormon men like. They are taught that in heaven their earthly wives will physically be transformed into veritable sex-goddesses, with perfect bodies, unlike the women to whom they are presently married.

Because Mormon women in heaven (Kolob) will be physically perfect they all look pretty much the same. (Two things cannot be perfect, yet differ. Maybe they could be colored differently?). Mormon males will also be perfect, in heaven. That's why some Mormon scholars believe that in heave we will all look pretty much like Ken and Barbie.


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