Avenues - Salt Lake City, UT.

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Here is nice clean apartment for rent near U of U, upper Avenues, SLC., a really a great location.There are 2 bedrooms. There is a bathroom with shower, living room, kitchen and dining area. There is a laundry area with washing machine and dryer machine. There is also a garage. Itís on a quiet street. Itís near a supermarket and near downtown SLC. The city bus is nearby. The house is located 10 minutes from the University by car.  It is a safe neighborhood. 

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A​venues 是盐湖城最老的 neighborhood,在犹他大学和downtown之间 3,6 和11 路公交穿过 A​venues,美丽的街道,安全的社区,周围的居民都很友好,附近还有几家coffee shops和公园,请谷歌地图对比下街景.


 Living Room       (old)

Living Room       (Fireplace)

     Second Bedroom         (old)


Dining area


Granite counters


Salt Lake City, UT.

Two bedrooms - 1 Bath, Spacious Living Room - Kitchen, Garage - Laundry.

Area ~ 1,200 ft2    (~111 m2).

Prestigious "Upper Avenues" location on a quiet "Dead-end" street.

Only minutes...
     from University of Utah,
     Salt Lake City center,
     & from supermarkets.

References required.

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Main Bedroom - two views

- 2 Bedrooms
- 1 Bath Room
- Large Living Room 
- Garage
- Laundry: Washer& Dryer
- Kitchen :  Dishwasher
- Dining area
- 1200 ft2 (111m
- Prestigious location on a quiet "Dead-end" street. Safe neighborhood.
- Only minutes from University of Utah, supermarket & downtown, Elementary School; near small City Park and hiking areas
- Make your own garden in the back yard !
- Common Area:  BBQ on Balcony with beautiful View of City & Valley & Mountains
- Up & down Duplex; the lower unit is for rent.
- We speak:




Garage - Electric charging will be available.

If you use an electric car,    
you will be able to charge
it in your garage.
(We're now installing a second electric Charger)

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Floor Plan

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Salt Lake City Bus to University of Utah (route 2020)

Google Map                                       (Enlarge this map)  Utah Transit Authority link  Route #11


Comments from previous tenants -

2019 - 2020
       Hi my name is Jewel, Iím a faculty in University of Utah. I have lived in the house from August of 2019 to June 2020. Mr. Illily is really friendly and easy to work with, like he can have his handy man to fix anything the next day I requested. Itís a great experience although I was afraid to live in private property, I feel comfortable after I had this wonderful experience. I will recommend this place to any people would like to live in a quiet and safe place.

2016 - 2017

       Iím Xiao Fuqun, a professor of GuangXi Normal University in China. During June 2016 to June 2017, as a visiting scholar , I rented at Haraldís house on the ground floor, and the couple of Harald & his wife lived upstairs.

       The house is located on Avenue 14 street, a quiet and safe local residential area, ten minutes' drive from University of Utah, and the bus directly to University of Utah. There is  a living room and a dining room, two bedrooms and a bathroom downstairs. The house is near the top of the mountain, with the whole view of Salt Lake City, it is a good choice for those who would like to enjoy a leisurely and comfortable time here.

       The landlord is a friendly, outgoing and helpful guy. He tried his best to help me on all my difficulties, such as practicing my spoken English, teaching me driving license, taking me to friends parties, helping me to rent cars and booking rooms and so on. He is my best friend in USA . Qianqian, Haraldís wife, a warm-hearted, friendly and affectionate person from Guangxi in China. She was full of concern what I concerned and think what I thought. She moved me deeply by her tolerance, kindness, warmness and carefulness .

       Although I have returned home, we have agreed to have video calls during the festivals to maintain our friendship. I highly appreciated their assistance and I hope that our friendship will be forever.


2015 - 2017

I lived in this house for two years from August 2015 to July 2017, I really would like to highly recommend it. It is a nice and large house, located in a quiet and safe community, and the landlords Harald and Qinqin are both kind people and always willing to provide helps. Also the house is pet friendly for cats. I can still remember that they provided maintenance for shower facilities and changed the whole range hood without any charge when I lived there. Thank you!

Harald is also very knowledgeable from neural networks to gravitational waves, it's always interesting to have a talk with him.

One thing I didn't like, if any, is it would be better to have a bathtub:)

-- Wei

2020 -

Closed due to COVID



                                        View to S-E from Balcony





Previous Tenants -





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