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The Utah group tested an Indonesian applicant.  He scored ZERO, unfortunately.  Merpati Putih afterwards claimed success, in spite of having failed.

    This man was to provide a demonstration of Merpati Putih powers.  His name is Aris.  He was blindfolded by Merpati Putih people for this demonstration.

    He was to demonstrate that he could identify a colored patch / f
lag without using his eyes.  He failed.  I, and many others (our Indonesian guests as well as we American experimenters and observers) .. we watched in total silence for  25 minutes while this man tried to guess which color flag Kevin was holding up

    This  man fondled each colored swatch for a long time. Holding each one up as if to receive applause for successfully identifying the color.  Sometimes, he held up the same flag repeatedly, not knowing that each instance he displayed the same color.  After 25 minutes the experiment was called off. 

   He is trying to sense the BLUE color in this instance.  Blue is claimed to be the most easily detected color.

   He did not say anything to show that he identified any of the flags; he remained completely silent throughout.

Q:  Why did the Indonesians claim success?  I don't know. It was pathetic to do so, after what happened, and I felt sorry for them.

    Next, the $1,000,000 million dollar challenge began.  We experimenters had an excess of people present, so all extraneous observers -- most Indonesians, Kevin, Richard and I and Brian,  our translator cleared the room.  We all waited outside.  We made some new friends while we waited.

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