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         Vibravision Test Results Report
 Date & Time of Test:  2:p.m., Saturday, October 7, 2000
 Location of Test   :  0tt Planetarium, Weber State University,
                       Ogden, Utah,  USA
Note: Exact times will need to be determined from the video tapes.


   Test failed to achieve higher than random chance.

Of a total of 19 trials there were three correct responses.
There were 6 choices per trial.
The statistically expected response rate was 19/6 = 3.2. 
This is in exact agreement with the results.


Subject 1:

Pre-trial demo: success rate = 100% using their blindfolds.
Pre-trial demo time: 6 colors selected in under a minute.

Actual Test Data with our blindfolds:

Positive outcomes marked with ""
  Trial  Displayed  Selected 
  10  YEL BLU
  11  RED WHT
  12  BLK RED

Total time was approximately 10 minutes.

As per a request by Nate, Trials 7-12 were done 
with a slightly different test procedure. The colored 
cloth swaths were stored at floor level and the 
die was rolled on the carpet to omit the noise of 
the die on the table. Also, most of these flags 
were displayed by the claimant, Nate. 

Subject 2:

There were many delays with this subject. He was clearly
nervous. Nate expressed concerns about the subject's 
skills and we repeatedly asked Nate to have their BEST 
person take the test. The "Master" continuously refused 
and so subject number 2 (with a claim by Nate that 
the subject had over 20 years of Vibravision 
experience) continued. 

After repeated requests, he refused to do a pre-trial demo.
Subject voiced repeated concern about the blindfold and
was clearly upset about the blindfold. After over 45 minutes of
delays he managed to free the blindfold enough to see (which
is caught completely on video tape) and stood up with great
confidence slapped the table with his hands a couple times 
grasping paper off the table. 
The clearly loose blindfolds were reapplied at which point 
the subject clearly became distressed again. Finally, after many 
delays the subject ran the test with the following results:
Positive outcomes marked with ""
  Trial Displayed Selected  


WHT (There was a stray noise.)
  2 RED BLU (There was a stray noise.)
  RED YEL (Had to ask to repeat.)
  7 BLK GRN  


Total time was approximately 6 minutes. This was after
a set of subject induced delays totaling over an hour. 

Additional comments: The second subject complained of
alcohol in his eyes. Paul (who applied the blindfolds) insists 
that the alcohol never got closer than 1/4 inch to the 
lid margins. Later calls to me personally by Nate contained 
complaints that their eye lashes were being pulled on and 
that they were distracted by it. 

Further notes:
Nate informed me that they were teaching blind people 
from Indonesia for free. This is not the case for Americans.
As clear evidence that they are attempting to take
blind people's money, I refer you to the following URL:

http://www.merpatiputih.com/visual/fees.htm *

As you can see, the total cost for the full 18 month 
three-part training is  about $110,000 per participant (not 
counting air faire to Indonesia).  The fees are not refundable in the case that VV ability in not achieved. 

Nate was clearly distraught and informed me by 
phone the following day that they would get proof 
from experts at the University of Indonesia, Jakarta, 
and reapply for the JREF prize monies at a later date.

Reported by: John E. Sohl, jsohl@weber.edu


John Sohl's Original Document  @Vibravision Test Results Report.txt

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