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  I wired some money.  It did not arrive.
  So, I delivered it in person.  Then...

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I wired some money to China.  It did not arrive.  Then I went to China and delivered the money myself  in cash.  After my return, I found out that the money had finally arrived.  I paid twice and now I can't get the second payment (Wells Fargo) back.  So, I wrote to the bank.


 The Boring Details...


Robert Hatch
Wells Fargo Bank
79 South Main Street
Floor 14
SLC  UT  84101

Dear Mr. Hatch Ė

This letter will be short, itís to let you know what happened;  I can give you details later.

I went to China and have since returned.  Before my travels I tried to send some money to a Chinese person, using your money transfer service.

The money transfer did not work.  (Your bank gave me a refund for the fees.)  I tried the transfer again.  Again, the transfer did not work.   So, I canceled that transfer also, and I have obtained credit for the transfer fees for both attempted transfers.  I went to China, and delivered the funds, $250, in cash.  Upon returning, I discovered that the second money transfer had succeeded, but belatedly. 

Now Iím not able to obtain a refund for the duplicate payment from the person in China. 

I ask you to refund this money to me now.  Itís not my fault your money transfer did not work -- twice.  I wonít allow discussion about the transfer times and my travel schedule, etc, to enter this discussion.

I can give you more details, if needed.

I began this money transferring with plenty of time to spare, but because of two failures, the third transfer, although it finally worked, did not arrive on time.


 Wells Fargo refunded half of the money, but not the additional $30 fee for making the money-transfer.

From: Robert.O.Knight
Sent: Friday, August 02, 2002
Subject: 250 WIRE TRANSFER

 After reviewing the situation with the $250.00 wire transfer on 4/25/02, we have decided that we will split the loss with you.  Although there was no error on Wells Fargo's part,  we recognize you as a valued customer and are happy to help you any way we can.  We look forward to serving your future banking needs.

Thank you,
Robert Knight

Service Manager
Redwood store

   Western Union is not much better... 

I wired some money to someone in China, this time using Western Union.  Western Union misspelled the recipient's name (by one letter) and the Western Union office in China refused to pay because of that...

By the time Western Union corrected this, I could have sent money by snail mail!  So, I asked Western Union for a refund.  I was given the refund of the transaction fee.   But my credit card also charged a "cash advance fee", and I did not get a refund form Western Union for this, even though Western Union knows what banks' practices are.

 Update: Stress test -- Wells Fargo flunks

"Some of the largest banks are stable, the tests found. Others need billions more in capital. Government officials have said a stronger banking system is needed for an economic rebound.  Among the 10 banks that need to raise more capital, Bank of America Corp. needs by far the most ó $33.9 billion. Wells Fargo & Co. needs $13.7 billion..."

Source: Thurs., May 7, 2009

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