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Look, here is a degenerate* Atheist, straight from the Salt Lake City National Atheist convention in 1981. He stands in his socks, beside a painting and a stack of old Scientific Americans, in his apartment on "M" street, in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

It is Easter weekend 1981 -

His mom attended the atheist convention also.  She bought for him this genuine  MORMON UNDERWEAR  outfit which was modeled as part of an auction by a beautiful woman, at the atheist convention! 

The price was eighteen dollars.

'Mormon garments' have special knee protectors and nipple protectors sown onto them.

These are little triangles of cloth, "L"-shaped and "V"-shaped, they show better in the image below.

 Link   Salt Lake City - 40th annual National Atheist Convention in 2014

 *Degenerate is right! This fellow is wearing non-matching socks, of two different colors, no less!!

What's this about Mormon undies ?

Mitt Romney's underwear collar betrays his Mormon garments. 

   An outward expression of an inward commitment.

Official LDS church Mormon Underwear picture -
(Nipple protector an knee protection emblem PhotoShopped out.)

1913-LDS approved


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  Secret / sacred



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