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Temple participants each receive these four secret tokens or
handclasps with accompanying secret names, signs, and penalties.

1 - The First Token of the Aaronic Priesthood: Is given by
clasping the right hands together and by placing the joint of the
thumb over the first knuckle of the hand. Its name is the NEW
NAME you received in the temple this day (The 'New Name' is
usually Biblical, and is the same for everyone on a given day,
i.e., every male who goes to the temple on the third of the month
will receive the name "Abraham". The name of the First Token of
the A.P., then, would be "Abraham").

2 - The Second Token of the Aaronic Priesthood: Is given by
clasping right hands together and by placing the joint of the
thumb between the first and second knuckles of the hand. The
name of this token is your given name (If you are Elmer Jones the
name of the token would be "Elmer", and if you were Sadie Jones
it would be "Sadie").

The Sign of the Nail
Photo Courtesy http://www.mrm.org/photo-album.html

3 - The First Token of the Melchizedek Priesthood or Sign of the Nail: Is executed by bringing your right hand forward in a vertical position, fingers close together, thumb extended, and the person giving the token placing the tip of the forefinger in the center of the palm with the thumb on the back of the hand. The name of this token in "The Son".


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5 - The Second Token of the Melchizedek Priesthood, the
Patriarchal Grip, or Sure Sign of the Nail: Is given by clasping
right hands and interlocking little fingers, and placing the
index finger of the right hand on the center of the wrist. The
name is "Health in the navel, marrow in the bone, strength in the
loins and in the sinews, power in the priesthood be upon me and
upon my posterity through all generation of time and throughout
all eternity".


  The Sure Sign   Mormon Underwear

Photo Courtesy nowscape.com    Surreptitiously Photographed. 1991

1 - The Sign and Penalty of the First Token of the Aaronic
Priesthood Is made by bringing the right arm to the square, the
palm of the hand forward, the fingers close together, and the
thumb extended. The penalty is executed by placing the right
thumb under the left ear, palm down, fingers close together. The
thumb is drawn quickly across the throat to the right ear and the
hand dropped to the side. This signifies having your throat slit
from ear to ear and your tongue torn out by its roots.

2 - The Sign and Penalty of the Second Token of the Aaronic
Priesthood Is made by bringing the right hand in front of you,
the hand in cupping shape, the right arm forming a square, and
the left arm is raised to the square. The penalty is executed by
placing the right hand on the left breast, and drawing the hand
quickly across the chest, then dropping both hands to the sides.
This signifies having your chest ripped open and your heart and
vitals torn out and fed to the beasts of the field and the fowls
of the air.

3 - The Sign and Penalty of the First Token
of the Melchizedek Priesthood is made by
bringing the left hand forward, the hand
in cupping shape, the left arm forming a
square. The right hand is brought forward,
the palm down, fingers close together, and
the thumb extended. The thumb is placed
over the left hip. The penalty is executed
by drawing the thumb quickly across the
body and dropping both hands to the sides.
|his signifies having your body cut asunder
and your bowels gush out upon the ground.


Freemasonry :
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Brother (or Sister) ________, having authority, I baptize you,
for and in behalf of________, who is dead, in the name of the
Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, amen.

Brother (or Sister) ________, in the name of Jesus Christ, we lay
our hands upon your head for and in behalf of ________, who is
dead, and confirm you a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints, and say unto you: Receive the Holy Ghost.

Brother ________, having authority we lay our hands upon your
head and confer upon you the Melchizedek Priesthood and ordain
you an Elder in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,
for and in behalf of ________, who is dead, and seal upon you
every grace, gift and authority appertaining to his office in the
Holy Melchizedek Priesthood, for and in his behalf, in the name
of Jesus Christ. Amen.


Brother ________, having authority, I place this garment upon you
(for and in behalf of ________, who is dead), which you must wear
throughout your life. It represents the garment given to Adam
when he was found naked in the Garden of Eden, and is called the
Garment of the Holy Priesthood. Inasmuch as you do not defile
it, but are true and faithful to your covenants, it will be a
shield and a protection to you against the power of the destroyer
until you have finished your work here on earth. With this
garment I give you a new name, which you should always remember,
and which you must keep sacred, and never reveal except at a
certain place that will be shown you hereafter. The name is

Each of the men and each of the women participating in the
Endowment (on a particular day) receive the same "New Name"..
The "New Name" is usually Biblical, such as Abraham, Joseph,
Moses, etc. or Martha, Mary, or Naomi. An alternate New Name is
provided to those patrons who are representing a dead person
whose first name sounds like the New Name in use.

The patron then goes back to his locker, removes his shield, and
puts on his white clothing, which he either rented or brought
with him. This includes white shirt, trousers, belt, socks, tie
and moccasins. This is put over the garment.

LECTURER #1 (tape recording Brethren and Sisters, we welcome
you to the Temple and hope you will find joy in serving in the
house of the Lord this day. Those of you who are here for your
own Endowments and those who have yellow or white family name
slips should have been washed, anointed, and clothed in the
garment of the Holy Priesthood. The brethren with the yellow
name slips should also have been ordained. The ordinances of
washing, anointing, and clothing in the garment of the Holy
Priesthood, together with the ordaining on behalf of deceased
brethren, were performed previously by other proxies for those
whose names are on the green or gold nameslips.

Each of you should have received a "New Name" in connection with
this company. If any of you have forgotten the "New Name", or
have not received these ordinances as explained, please stand.
Please be alert, attentive and refrain from whispering during the
presentation of the Endowment. As you are asked to proceed to
the veil, please do so in an orderly manner, row by row as
directed. After passing through the veil into the Celestial
Room, and in other areas in the Temple, if you need to
communicate, please whisper, thus helping us maintain the quiet
reverence that should prevail in the House of the Lord. We will
now proceed with the presentation of the Endowment.

LECTURER #2 Brethren, you have been washed and pronounced
clean, or that through your faithfulness, you may become clean
from the blood and sins of this generation. You have been
anointed to become hereafter Kings and Priests unto the Most High
God, to rule and reign in the House of Israel forever.

Sisters, you have been washed and anointed to become Queens and
Priestesses to your husbands.

Brethren and Sisters, if you are true and faithful, the day will
come when you will be chosen, called up and anointed Kings and
Queens, Priests and Priestesses, whereas you are now anointed
only to become such. The realization of these blessings depends
upon your faithfulness.
You have had a garment placed upon you, which you were informed,
represents the garment given to Adam when he was found naked in
the garden of Eden, and which is called the Garment of the Holy
Priesthood. This you were instructed to wear throughout your
life. You were informed that it will be a shield and a
protection to you if you are true and faithful to your covenants.

You have had a New Name given unto you, which you were told never
to divulge nor forget. This New Name is a keyword which you will
be required to give at a certain place in the temple today.
the Endowment is to prepare you for exaltation in the Celestial
If you proceed and receive your full Endowment, you will be
required to take upon yourselves sacred obligations, the
violation of which will bring upon you the judgment of God; for
God will not be mocked. If any of you desire to withdraw rather
than accept these obligations of your own free will and choice,
you may now make it known by raising your hand. PAUSE)
Brethren and Sisters, as you sit here, you will hear the voices
of three persons who represent Elohim, Jehovah and Michael.
Elohim will command Jehovah and Michael to go down and organize a
world. The work of the six creative periods will be represented.
They will organize man in their own likeness and image, male and
female. This however is simply figurative so far as the man and
woman are concerned.


    ELOHIM Jehovah, Michael, See yonder is matter unorganized.
    Go ye down and organize it into a world like unto the worlds that
    we have heretofore formed.
    Call your labors the First Day and bring me word.


    JEHOVAH It shall be done, Elohim.
    Come Michael, let us go down.

    MICHAEL We will go down, Jehovah.

    JEHOVAH Michael, see, here is the matter unorganized. We will
    organize it into a world like unto the worlds that we have
    heretofore formed. We will call our labors the First Day and
    return and report.

    MICHAEL We will return and report our labors of the First Day,

    JEHOVAH Elohim, we have been down as thou hast commanded and
    have organized a world like unto the worlds that we have
    heretofore formed and we have called our labors the First Day.

    ELOHIM It is well.


...The Officiator demonstrates the sign.

The sign is made by raising both hands high above the head, and
while lowering the hands repeating aloud the words:

Pay lay ale
Pay lay ale
Pay lay ale !


    The Officiator raises and lowers his hands three times in
    synchrony with the words.

    When Adam was driven out of the Garden of Eden, he built an altar
    and offered prayer, and these are the words he used, Which
    interpreted are: "Oh God, hear the words of my mouth." repeated
    three times.

    (At this point the tape recording stops and the Officiator
    actually speaks. He first carefully checks and adjusts the
    position of all patrons in he prayer circle. Then he kneels at
    the Altar inside the circle, facing forward and offers the
    prayer. The Officiator pauses regularly to allow the patrons in
    the circle to repeat his words.
    A typical prayer would be as follows:

    "Our Eternal Heavenly Father,
    We thank Thee for the privilege of coming to the Temple
    this day and participating in these sacred ordinances
    which are essential to these deceased individuals. We
    ask you to bless our Prophet, Spencer W. Kimball, to
    bless the Temple Presidency, and all those who serve
    with them.... (Many other topics may be covered,
    especially the missionaries, missionary programs and
    work, genealogical work... We ask Thee Heavenly Father
    to look with favor upon all those whose names are
    contained on this altar* this day. We ask Thy healing
    blessing to manifest in all their various needs, to
    restore health and strength to body, mind, and spirit.
    We ask Thee to bless all those who are participating
    here tonight and see them safely home to their
    destination. We ask you to watch over their families and
    loved ones until they arrive home, in the name of Jesus
    Christ, Amen."

    At the end of the ceremony, the couples in the circle, the ones
    with their elbows on the other guy's shoulder, they all are taught
    the true order of prayer. To do this all raise their arms up above
    their heads crying out to god, "PAY LAY EL" as they say each syllable
    they lower their arms in 3 stages...Pay--hands above your head;
    Lay--hands at your shoulders; El--hands by your sides. You do
    this 3 times. The words are translated to mean "Oh God, hear
    the words of my mouth". then everyone listens while the officiator
    prays a spontaneous prayer...to include blessing for all the names
    that are in the prayer book, which any member can request anyone's
    name be placed in the prayer book. My mother puts my name in there
    often to pray for my salvation and redemption. I feel so special.
    Anyway, if you do the same actions but say PAY US NOW...it freaks
    out good church going mos. Just something we do for kicks occasionally.
    It's funny, I don't mind talking about it here privately....but
    out there in a public message base it bothered me a bit. I guess
    I'm still indoctrinated somehow.

    The document seems to have been written by a non-Mormon, a Christian author with an axe to grind -- someone who is sure that Mormonism is a false religion and his is true. (Only a fool would have a false religion! :)
    See another religion's opinion here.

    From my reading and correspondence and from people who have first-hand knowledge of the secret/sacred ceremonies -- one is my old girlfriend Joy, who told me many of the same things --I conclude that this is real. If you can ignore the specific references "proving" Mormonism false, and concentrate on the reporter's observations, you will learn what Mormons do to each other 'on their own time'.
    ... And the kicker is... its' all tax-deductible!


Date: Sunday, October 18, 1998
Subject: temple rites

[I] read your info with interest, however, you only mention one version. there have been four. The first was exactly the same as the Masonic ritual.  In 1854 there were minor variations made and in 1926, the covenant to kill "gentiles" who opposed the church was removed. Then in 1992, the line about ministers being the paid servants of Satan was removed, and the order of service was modified.  God sure changes his mind a lot. Yes, I am a member (inactive) I have done over 300 sessions and collect old LDS documents. A lot of hidden history. 

The reason the "blood oath" was removed is there were no living mormons who remembered the migration.  The oath was in retaliation for the killing of Joseph Smith Jr.  The then current members objected to such an oath.  The same reason that the "ministers are servants of the devil was removed.  The members are becoming more Christian and less dogmatic even if the leaders don't like it.



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Jean François Champollion



In 1822 -
Jean François Champollion (1790-1832), 
using the
ROSETTA STONE,   made the decisive discovery concerning the decipherment of the hieroglyphs and became the founder of  Egyptology  ...



...At the same time,
 Joseph Smith, using 
 a SEER STONE founded

Joseph Smith





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